Chakte Viga BH

Chakte Viga BH

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If you already have a Bee, please let someone else have the opportunity to buy one. Thanks!
4.37 gr
Wood: Chakte Viga
Shafts (2): Walnut
Approximate Size: Arm 2″, Shaft 2 7/8″

These tiny spindles are astonishing at spinning cobwebs! Their tiny size and feather light weight makes them unsuitable for anything heavier, or for children.

Warning! Their minute size means they, or the shaft, could be easily lost. We will not be responsible for lost spindles or shafts. Ed makes two shafts for each Bee, one as a back-up shaft since it will not be possible for him to make a replacement shaft without having the spindle in his hands.

Bee Hummingbird spindles were developed by Ed in 8/2017, after years of trying to make a very tiny functional spindle – no computer or high tech equipment involved.