Swan Spindles

Ed began making the standard thick armed, long shafted Turkish spindle, a basic Turkish spindle style, in 2005. In 2006 he refined the overall look of the clunkier spindles which also reduced the weight of what was often referred to as a boat anchor.
Experience the best!

Weight of Swans: 34grams/1.19oz to 65grams/2.29oz Most are between 45g – 54g. Weight is determined by the type of wood; hard, dense woods weigh more whereas woods with more open grain weigh less. * (see bottom of page)

Fiber Capacity: well over 2 ounces
Most spinners are easily able to pack on up to 4 ounces, depending on the thickness of the yarn and the neatness of the wrapping.

Yarn Types: Laceweight to Bulky
Our most versatile spindle with a very long, steady spin. Best one for beginners! The long spin provides plenty of drafting time.

S&H: US – $8.35 Priority
Canada – $10.45
International- $13.75 No guarantee of delivery once the spindle leaves the USA.

If you’ve broken a spindle shaft there is a button to buy a new shaft at the bottom of the last page in the website Store. Be sure to add a note letting us know the style and weight.

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