Kuchulu Spindles

Ed dreamed of a tiny spindle and in the summer of 2009 he designed this tiny Turkish spindle. Until Ed created the Kuchulu nothing like it had been seen in the spinning world.

Weights: 6 grams/0.21oz to 14grams/0.49oz. most are 9 -11 grams *
Yarns: Cobweb and thin lace. These tiny spindles do not have the mass to handle thicker yarns.
Kuchulu is a Persian endearment for “cute and tiny”.

The Spindle Comparison Page shows and explains the differences between the styles which Ed Jenkins has designed.

Take care of the spindle shafts! Remove the shaft from the spindle and place everything in a solid, rigid container when traveling or not spinning with it.
If you’ve broken a spindle shaft there is a button to buy a new shaft at the bottom of the last page in the website Store. Be sure to add a note letting us know the style and weight.

Questions? Click on the FAQ tab above to get answers to your spindle care questions. (The FAQ page is an ongoing work in progress.)

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