Egret Spindles

Ed Jenkins’ Egrets, created February 2013
Wanting a bigger, heavier spindle along the lines of an Aegean, Ed developed the Egret spindle. The Egret was the 5th of his unique spindle creations. It was unlike any Turkish style spindle found on the market by other makers.

Weight: 28 grams (.98 ounce) to 52 grams (1.83 ounce) Most weight in the mid-thirty gram range.
Yarn types: Lace weight up to Worsted.
As with the Aegeans, Ed primarily uses wood grown in the US (with a few exceptions, at his discretion.)
Price: $62 ($65 unusual, hard-to-source/non-commercial woods)
S&H: US – $8.35 Priority
Canada – $10.45
International- $13.75 No guarantee of delivery once the spindle leaves the USA.

If you’ve broken a spindle shaft there is a button to buy a new shaft at the bottom of the last page in the website Store. Be sure to add a note letting us know the style and weight.

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