Delight Spindles

Ed Jenkins’ Turkish Delights were the first miniature Turkish spindles on the market! He spent many hours during the first part of 2008 designing and testing for the best proportions for a wonderfully balanced little spindle. The Turkish Delight debuted in May ’08 at the Northwest Regional Handspinning Guild Show.
Note: 2019 Ed has stopped making Delights.

Weights: 18 grams / 0.63 oz to 36 grams / 1.26 oz, most are between 22 – 30 g *
Fiber Capacity: 2 ounces
Yarn Types: Fine lace up to DK
A good little workhorse willing to tackle just about anything with a long spin great for all levels of spinners. Great travel spindle, especially with the bulkier build of arms and shaft. This was Ed’s first miniaturizing of the Turkish style.

Price: $52 ($55 for unusual/hard to get, non-commercial woods)
S&H: US – $7.70, Priority, Canada : $10.00 – $11.50 (based on weight)
International: $13.75, no guarantee of delivery once the spindle leaves the USA.

If you’ve broken a spindle shaft there is a button to buy a new shaft at the bottom of the last page in the website Store. Write the style and weight.

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