Aegean Spindles

Ed Jenkins’ most popular spindle made primarily with US domestic woods!.

In 2010, Ed Jenkins’ Aegeans were inspired by a spindle bought at a marketplace in Greece over 20 years earlier.
Ed’s design has thinner, more slender and straighter arms so the spindle is lightweight for its size.
Weight: 16 grams (0.56 ounces) to 34 grams (1.26 ounces) most are between 22 – 28g.
Fiber Capacity: 2+ ounces
Yarn Types: Fine lace up to Sport/DK (some of the heavier ones will handle worsted)
The wider arms give this lightweight spindle good stability.
Price: $56 (except certain non-commercial woods)
S&H for 1st spindle: US – $6.30, Priority, International- $13.25, no guarantee of delivery once the spindle leaves the USA.

Aegeans are posted in the Store as Ed makes them.

If you’ve broken a spindle shaft there is a button to buy a new shaft at the bottom of the last page in the website Store. Be sure to add a note letting us know the style and weight.

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