May 3  The Store and office will be closed until at least May 12. At that time we’ll post when the next spindle update will be. Due to having surgery May 4th, Wanda will not be answering emails or Contact queries so please be patient. I’ll get back up to speed as soon as possible.

Limit ONE (1) spindle per day’s update.

When spindles are scheduled the spindle release countdown timer is activated.

Multiple refreshing clicks are limited to prevent the website from believing it’s under attack from hackers or bots.
Too many clicks / minute will lock you out!
Take care of spindle shafts! Each shaft is made specifically for that one spindle.
If needed, shafts are listed on the last page of the Store. Let us know the style and weight.

Egret, Roadrunner, Swan spindle shafts


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Small Shafts

Small spindle shafts


Please write the style and weight of your More Info »

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