More spindles will be placed in the Store throughout November.

Due to one spindle continuing to sell several times, even after it’d been removed to the Trash we’re not making a broad world-wide, social media networks announcement until we are more confident this won’t happen again. Once a spindle has been purchase it “disappears” from the Store and Products page.

Please limit your spindle purchase to 2 during a week – at least until the Store has been opened for a good period of time. Thanks!!!

Broken shaft? Send an email to spin@yarntools . com. State the style and weight of the spindle you need the replacement for, your mailing address and phone number. A PayPal invoice will be sent to you.
(Remove shaft when not spinning and place with spindle in a rigid / hard sided container to protect the delicate shafts.)

Accounts / registrations set up before Sept 2018 are not valid on this new site.
Use the Guest Checkout button to register. At the bottom of the form there’s a small box to check (near the button, Next Step) to register. Check the box before clicking Next Step .

Spindle Style Comparison page – under the FAQ tab, for details on Ed’s spindle styles.

Interested in Ed’s newest spindle the Bee? Read all about them here.

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