Spindle Style Comparison

Spindles pictured in the top banner left to right:
Kuchulu, Finch, Delight, Lark, Aegean, Egret, Swan

Every style of spindle that Ed makes is his own unique design. With the exception of the Swan which he refined, and the Aegean which was inspired by a spindle bought in Greece, Ed put in a great deal of time and effort in developing each one of these designs. There are other spindle makers copying Ed’s original designs. But, there’s only one creator and authentic maker of spindles that are the size and weights of our Delights, Kuchulus, Larks, Egrets and Finches – the woodworking artist, Ed Jenkins.

Information on Ed’s latest spindle, The Bee Hummingbird

Please read about each type of Ed’s spindles below.
Pictured below left to right: Top row – Bigleaf Maple Egret; Ebony Swan; Black Mesquite Aegean
Bottom row: Cocobolo Lark; Redheart Delight; Boxwood Finch; Burmese Blackwood Kuchulu

7 Styles san shaft

Ed loves creating and drawing on the Aegean, Egret and Finch spindles. He burns all his designs using a hand held burning stylus then paints by hand – he does not use any computer for any part of his work.

Ed began making Turkish Spindles October 2005 using a basic Turkish spindle style. 
which we call Swans  S   $56.00  (more with certain woods)
Weight of Swans: 34grams/1.19oz to 65grams/2.29oz  Most are between 45g – 54g.  Weight is determined by the type of wood; hard, dense  woods weigh more whereas woods with more open grain weigh less. * (see bottom of page)
Fiber Capacity: well over 2 ounces (Most people are easily able to pack on over 3 ounces, depending on the thickness of the yarn.)
Yarn Types: Laceweight to Bulky
Our most versatile spindle with a very long, steady spin.  Best one for beginners! The long spin provides plenty of drafting time.

May of 2008 Ed created 
Delights    D $52.00  (hard to source and/or expensive woods are more)
Weights: 16 grams/0.56oz to 36 grams/1.26oz, most are 22 – 31g *
Fiber Capacity: 2 ounces
Yarn Types: Fine lace up to DK
A good little workhorse willing to tackle just about anything with a long spin great for all levels of spinners.    Great travel spindle, especially with the bulkier build of arms and shaft.  This was Ed’s first miniaturizing of the Turkish style.

Ed dreamed of a tiny spindle and in the summer of 2009 he designed
Kuchulus       K  $49  (hard to source and/or expensive woods are more)
Weights: 6 grams/0.21oz to 14grams/0.49oz. most are 9 -11 grams  *
Capacity: Twice its weight in grams (my max 280 yards – cobweb)
Yarn Types: Fast little turbine spinner perfect for cobweb & fine lace.
Perfect little traveler.  Drawback is that it’s not a beginner’s spindle; the spin-back is much quicker than with our other spindles.
Diminutive size limits its capacity and ability to spin anything thicker than fine fingering.

Ed designed the lightweight, mid-whorl introduced April 19, 2010:
Lark   L  Discontinued 3/18
Weights: 14 gram to 28grams    Most weigh between 18 – 23 grams *
Capacity: 2 ounces
Yarn Types: Laceweight and sock yarns.
Lightweight and fast, though not as fast as the kuchulu.
Lark – Mid-whorl with the long slender arms is excellent for spinning in confined places such as public transit.

The Lark is the most elegant design of Ed’s spindles. Wood for wood it is lighter than a Delight of the same wood.

Oct ’10, This style was inspired by a spindle bought by a friend at a marketplace in Greece about 30 years ago. Ed has modified it by making the arms thinner, more slender and straighter, with less weight to them.
Aegean   A   $56   (hard to source and/or expensive woods are more)
Weight: 14 grams/0.56oz to 28 grams/1.26oz; most are 17 – 23g *
Fiber Capacity: 2+ ounces
Yarn Types: Fine lace up to Sport/DK (some of the heavier ones will handle worsted)
The wider arms give this lightweight spindle good stability. Aegeans are made only from wood from trees grown in the US. My Aegean has become my go-to spindle.

February 2013 wanting a bigger, heavier spindle along the lines of an Aegean but not as heavy as a Swan, Ed developed the
Egret  E
  $62  (hard to source and/or expensive woods are more)
Weight:  28 grams / .98 oz to 45 grams / 1.58 oz; most weight in the mid-thirty gram range.
Yarn types: Lace weight up to Worsted.
As with the Aegeans, Ed uses only wood grown in the US.

January 2014 Ed’s miniature Aegean.
Finch  F  $52  (hard to source and/or expensive woods are more)
Weight: 8 grams / .28oz – 16 grams / .56oz ; most are between 10 – 13 grams
Yarn Types:  Cobweb to light sport.
Finches are tiny ballerina dancers whirling with grace and speed. Almost as small as the kuchulus their thinner, flat and straight arms allows Ed to make them slightly bigger than the Kuchulu without the bulk. These dancers are fast to wind and will hold plenty of weight before bogging down.

September 2017 Ed’s smallest spindle.
Bee Hummingbird B  $65+
Weight: 2 – 6 grams
Yarn Type: Cobweb only!
Adorably cute. This is not a beginner’s spindle, it’s light weight and smallness limits it to spinning only threadlike yarn

Rare Horn spindles first successfully make in 2014. Horn is much different to work with than wood that Ed has to be in the right zone to be able to make them.
Weight and size dependent on the horn.
Horn spindles have ranged between 4.3 grams to 46 grams, most are between 10 – 16 grams.
Available occasionally.

*  Weight of spindles within each type varies due to the density of wood and the fact that Ed makes each spindle by hand without the use of jigs or computerized machinery.