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Website Update & Black Sheep Gathering

well now, more hurdles and barricades have obstructed forward movement with the back workings of the website.

Earlier this week it seemed that the final hurdle had been cleared with the finsh line in sight. A backend check of the store and cart seemed to work smoothly so yesterday it was tested in a broader sense. 

Dismal failures in several areas. One partial solution was found but other areas are a mystery. 

I must take a few steps back, trouble shoot with some experts, and spend time reading to understand more about what’s needed to make the site and Cart work as needed. 

Not all is disappointing news!
Black Sheep Gathering was wonderful. We were so blessed by our son, DIL and two month old grandbaby who did a terrific job pitching our spindles:

7 thoughts on “Website Update & Black Sheep Gathering

  1. I would like to buy a spindle,but can’t never seem to get one. Don’t know what else to do.

    1. Thank you for asking about buying a spindle! I’m close to finishing the website cart setup. Meanwhile, we’ll be selling at Black Sheep Gathering June 23-25. I plan to have the website cart fully functional by early July so we can sell online again.

      1. How great. Maybe I will be able to obtain a spindle then. Looking forward to one. Thank you very much

      2. I wish I could go to the Black sheep festival, but that is a 5 hour plane ride for me. What a great time it will be. Wish I could purchase a spindle from that festival. Thank you for listening to me.

        1. Hi Bill,
          I also don’t live near Oregon, but in the Jenkins Ravelry group sometimes people will offer to proxy-shop for others. If you post an ISO (in search of) folks might be able to help you out too. The community is really wonderful. There’s no expectation to be active, but we love to see what people make and love to bring new folks into the Jenkins fanclub.

          1. Hi Ashley, Thanks for posting the Ravelry information for Bill. Good thinking.
            I contacted him in July after seeing his comment.

  2. What great pictures of your family and your new little one. Looks like such proud parents and grandparents ❤️. Looks like you had such a good time at the Black sheep Festival. Your display is also very stunning looks like quite a variety of goodies.
    God Bless all of you

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