Aug 16 update How much longer before the selling of spindles on the website happens? The new shopping cart is being worked on. Lots has been done these past two weeks but there’s still much to be done. Right now we’re hoping to be in working order by Labor Day. For more info please see the Aug 16 Blog post.

Broken shaft? Send an email to spin@yarntools . com. State the style and weight of the spindle you need the replacement for, your mailing address and phone number. A PayPal invoice will be sent to you.

(Please keep spindles in a rigid / hard sided container when not actually spinning to protect the delicate shafts.)

Spindle Style Comparison page – under the FAQ tab, for details on Ed’s spindle styles.

Interested in Ed’s newest spindle the Bee? Read all about them here.

Registering – Fill out your address, change the default country of Afghanistan to your country.
Once registered  it takes at least 10 minutes for the account to be registered/activated.

Shipping Rates, Information & policies.

No Store updates until the shopping cart is fixed. We’re hoping it will be resolved by mid-August.