Eight Larks and Four Swans will appear in the Store Wednesday evening at 4:30 pm. Take this opportunity to check out the spindles and decide if there’s one calling your name. (…Read More)

Storms are still battering the Pacific Northwest. If Ed hadn’t rigged up a sump pump years ago our front yard as well as his shop would be flooding. The first winter (…Read More)

All times are Pacific Standard Time Delights, Swans and Larks will appear in the Store first starting at 9 am, Friday Dec 4th. For some reason the program often doesn’t (…Read More)

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! Pictures of tomorrow’s group picture spindles are first, scroll down for the Saturday spindles that I’ve managed to get ready, so far. I’m hoping (…Read More)

Saturday, April 25, between 11:30 am – 12:10 pm Pacific Daylight Time, twenty-two spindles will be posted in the Store. At their scheduled times they will appear in the Store (…Read More)

Seven Swans will be available in the Store this evening at 6pm, Pacific Daylight Time. If you have a Swan please let someone who’s learning to spin have this opportunity (…Read More)