Finches will show up first in the Store at 12 noon, Pacific Time, Saturday, Nov 19th. Please scroll down to view the Larks which will be in the Store at 12:20 pm (…Read More)

With the need for serene spinning these days we’ll be posting an assortment of spindles in the YarnTools website store on Tuesday, Nov 15th. Time to be announced once the photos (…Read More)

These eight Aegeans will be posted in the Store at 1 pm, Pacific Daylight Time, Wednesday July 20st, followed by seven Larks at 4 pm. The Lark pictures are now posted below (…Read More)

Friendly, periodic reminder since this has been happening a lot recently: Perhaps it’s a phase of the moon, or alignment of stars, or…? Tthere have been lots of shaft mishaps. These slender pieces of (…Read More)

Eight Larks and Four Swans will appear in the Store Wednesday evening at 4:30 pm. Take this opportunity to check out the spindles and decide if there’s one calling your name. (…Read More)

If all goes as planned tomorrow afternoon there will be Larks, Delights and Aegeans available on Sunday, Dec 13 starting at 6 pm Pacific Time. Please give people who would love (…Read More)

All times are Pacific Standard Time Delights, Swans and Larks will appear in the Store first starting at 9 am, Friday Dec 4th. For some reason the program often doesn’t (…Read More)

Thursday morning, Nov 19 at 9 Pacific Time, these beauties will be in the store. The next set will appear in the store on Saturday, Nov 21st at 1pm. A couple of (…Read More)

Ten Larks, Groups 1 & 2, will be posted in the Store on Saturday, Oct 31st, at 11:30 am (Pacific Daylight Time). Twelve more Larks, Groups 3 & 4, will appear at (…Read More)

Saturday, April 25, between 11:30 am – 12:10 pm Pacific Daylight Time, twenty-two spindles will be posted in the Store. At their scheduled times they will appear in the Store (…Read More)