Some of the dust from June is settling. Slowly we’re both getting back into the spindle routine. It’ll be the second week of August life is back to a more regular pattern. Last (…Read More)

For the sake of the many who’ve been trying to purchase their first Jenkins spindle: There is a limit of one spindle per day’s update. If someone can’t resist buying a (…Read More)

Spindles! There will be spindles added to the store Wednesday, Jan 6th. 5 Delights at 6 pm (Pacific Time zone) 5 Egrets at 6:10 pm 8 Finches at 6:20 pm Remember: limit of (…Read More)

Six Egrets are getting ready to appear Saturday afternoon (Pacific Standard Time) at 4 pm. The Manzanita Egret will be $65. All others will be $62. There will be Swans (…Read More)

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! Pictures of tomorrow’s group picture spindles are first, scroll down for the Saturday spindles that I’ve managed to get ready, so far. I’m hoping (…Read More)

Saturday, April 25, between 11:30 am – 12:10 pm Pacific Daylight Time, twenty-two spindles will be posted in the Store. At their scheduled times they will appear in the Store (…Read More)

The two stealth spindle updates didn’t go off without a hitch but at least there were no oversells. A couple of people did have a spindle in their cart which (…Read More)

Whoa, the past three days are a blur. We put on more mileage in those days than we normally drive in three weeks. Much of the driving was wood related, (…Read More)

Egrets will be available to purchase tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm Pacific Time. No fear, this time they’re pre-programmed to be appear in the Store at 6:30 pm Dec 17th. Here’s (…Read More)