Horn and Antler Spindles

Random Number Generator Numbers posted by corresponding spindle below. Thank you to ALL who entered!!! Each spindle is $105 plus S&H Payment must be received by November 11. Check your (…Read More)

Thanks to everyone who entered the drawings for the chance to buy a Bee Hummingbird! Drawings are held for these tiny spindles to give everyone a fair chance to be (…Read More)

Drawings for the Right to Buy one of the five Bee spindles pictured below. These Bees all come with an additional earring post – just for the fun of it.  (…Read More)

Winning numbers in the drawings for the Right to Buy a Bee spindle. We’ll be in contact with the people whose numbers were drawn. Thank you, to all who entered! (…Read More)

If you haven’t yet signed up to put your name in the drawing for a chance to buy one of Ed’s horn spindles NOW is the time! Entries will be (…Read More)

The winning numbers for the two Aegean drawings using an online random number generator. Carob Aegean: #31 ———————————————————————————————— Manzanita Aegean: #28 PayPal invoices will be sent to these two people (…Read More)

Feb 27, 7:40 a.m. The Drawing is now closed. Thank you everyone who has entered! I’ve enjoyed seeing so many people’s names again. The numbers that were assigned to everyone will be (…Read More)