Here are the nine Delights ($52 +S&H) which will appear in the Store at 10 am Wednesday Morning. Delights are terrific spindles for beginners as well as travelers!

For the sake of the many who’ve been trying to purchase their first Jenkins spindle: There is a limit of one spindle per day’s update. If someone can’t resist buying a (…Read More)

Delights and Aegeans will be appearing in the store on Wednesday, Feb 10th at 11 and 11:15 am respectively. If you have recently purchased either of these types we ask that (…Read More)

Kuchulus™ will appear in the store January 13th at 6:00 pm Pacific Time. Delights™  on Thursday evening, January 14th also at 6:00 pm. The limit of one spindle will be enforced. Kuchulus™  6:00 pm (…Read More)

Spindles! There will be spindles added to the store Wednesday, Jan 6th. 5 Delights at 6 pm (Pacific Time zone) 5 Egrets at 6:10 pm 8 Finches at 6:20 pm Remember: limit of (…Read More)

If all goes as planned tomorrow afternoon there will be Larks, Delights and Aegeans available on Sunday, Dec 13 starting at 6 pm Pacific Time. Please give people who would love (…Read More)

All times are Pacific Standard Time Delights, Swans and Larks will appear in the Store first starting at 9 am, Friday Dec 4th. For some reason the program often doesn’t (…Read More)

Finally, two groups of spindles will be posted, tomorrow Thursday, August 27 First up will be Kuchulus at 11:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. Not sure of the time difference? Check this (…Read More)

Spindles will be posted in the YarnTools store Saturday, April 18th, all times Pacific Daylight Time. At the scheduled time the pictures, info and Add to Cart buttons will be visible (…Read More)