The best of plans was tanked again today: the camera battery died and is currently recharging. Pictures of Aegeans were taken and uploaded to the computer just before it died. The (…Read More)

The following sixteen Aegeans will be available in the Store this week, divided into two groups of eight each. Please look them over and decide which one you’d like to try to buy (…Read More)

These eight Aegeans will be posted in the Store at 1 pm, Pacific Daylight Time, Wednesday July 20st, followed by seven Larks at 4 pm. The Lark pictures are now posted below (…Read More)

May 24 There’s to be another drawing! Make that six drawings for Aegeans. It doesn’t cost you anything, other than following the instructions, to enter the drawing. The numbers will be (…Read More)

Feb 27, 7:40 a.m. The Drawing is now closed. Thank you everyone who has entered! I’ve enjoyed seeing so many people’s names again. The numbers that were assigned to everyone will be (…Read More)

Friendly, periodic reminder since this has been happening a lot recently: Perhaps it’s a phase of the moon, or alignment of stars, or…? Tthere have been lots of shaft mishaps. These slender pieces of (…Read More)

Delights and Aegeans will be appearing in the store on Wednesday, Feb 10th at 11 and 11:15 am respectively. If you have recently purchased either of these types we ask that (…Read More)

Aegeans will be posted in the Store Saturday, Jan 30th at 4:30 pm Pacific Time. Fast clicking to those who are trying to get their very first Aegean. If you’ve been (…Read More)

If all goes as planned tomorrow afternoon there will be Larks, Delights and Aegeans available on Sunday, Dec 13 starting at 6 pm Pacific Time. Please give people who would love (…Read More)

Four Aegeans will appear in the store at 9:30 am (PST) Thursday, Nov 12 followed by eight more Saturday, November 14th at 3 pm. Preview of Thursday’s spindles: The Saturday (…Read More)