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Dragonfly, A New Spindle

Ed’s been at it again! He never stops thinking of new designs. This is what he wrote about his newest creation: “A few years back I procured a nice piece (…Read More)

Cat Hair!

Our young Siamese cat is shedding abundantly. What’s a person to do? Brush the cat daily and spin the hair! The cat brush is perfect for collecting his hair then (…Read More)

This year has certainly flown past, with all of its bumps and hurdles as well as good times! Our son and his family will be visiting us next week. We’re (…Read More)

Phoenixes, Egrets and Finches will be posted on Saturday, Nov 2nd In order to try to avoid log-jams or buffering problems the different styles will be posted 15 minutes apart. (…Read More)

I completely spaced on the fact that I’d written in the last blog post that Phoenixes and Egrets would be posted in the Store today, Oct 28. My sincere apology (…Read More)

Update and OFFF review

Aegeans will be posted at 2pm today Pacific Daylight Time. Now that the dust is finally settling after the busyness of the past month Spindles will be posted weekly. Next (…Read More)

Stealthily the Phoenix rose up, ready to ply large amounts of singles. Unannounced, without fanfare the Phoenix appeared on the horizon in mid-May for those who want to ply with (…Read More)

BSG and Wrens

We had a blast at Black Sheep Gathering thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth. Table with Aegeans, Delights, Egrets and Swans Bee, Finches, Kuchulus and Wrens We learned (…Read More)

Hiatus and Updates

After almost 2 months Ed is back to making spindles this week. This was the longest stretch of time when not a single spindle was made. After recovering from PLY (…Read More)