Horn Spindle Drawings

Feb 13, 10:15 CLOSED – See Spindles for Drawn Numbers.
Emails will be sent to the people whose number was drawn. Thank you everyone who entered!

Horn Spindles are sold via drawings to give everyone an even chance to buy one.

Horn Spindles are $105 each, plus Shipping & Handling. The person whose number is drawn via on Online Random Number Generator will be responsible for paying the full price plus Postage & Packaging.

Each spindle is assigned its own set of number : If #14 pops up for SH22, as drawn by the RNG, then the person assigned #14 for H22 will be able to buy Spindle SH22.

Horn #22:  #20 SDN


Horn #23: #27  BG


Horn #24:  #25 AW


Horn #25:   #26 DAH