Horn and Antler Spindles

Random Number Generator Numbers posted by corresponding spindle below.
Thank you to ALL who entered!!!
Each spindle is $105 plus S&H

Payment must be received by November 11.
Check your spam folder if you expect a reply or invoice.

Each spindle was assigned its own set of numbers.
The RNG number is posted next to the spindle name/number along with the person’s initials in parenthesis.

Moose Antler 1  – #20 (LS)

Moose Antler 2 – #48 (AS)

Shetland Horn 5 – #62 (NH)

Shetland Horn 15 – #88 (EM)

Shetland Horn 18 – #101 (JZ)


Shetland Horn 19 – #124 (MS)

Shetland Horn 20 – #150 (AH)


  1. Wishing everyone the best of luck! These Moose Antler and Sheep Horn spindles are so extra special!

  2. Oh my! What a fantastic job Ed did with these!
    Would love to know how the process differs from working with wood . . .

    1. Thanks!
      As you know, the physical make-up of antler and horn are much different from wood. Ed’s been working with wood since he was a boy so his hands/brain understand force and techniques needed.
      Antler and horn are more temperamental, in their own way. Numerous times he’s on the final bit of completing one when something goes wrong and it’s ruined.
      Horn can actually melt if the material gets too hot from friction.
      Then there’s the fact that although antlers and horns look solid, they’re not.

  3. Hello,
    I never received a reply to my email for the lottery. I sent the email on Thursday. Should I resend? I didn’t want to and have my entry disqualified. Thanks in advance for any help!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Email found and reply with entry number sent.

  4. Thank you for making these beauties available. Congratulations to the winners.

    I’m standing by for the next horn/antler spindle lottery.

    1. Thank you! Ed would like to be able to make more horn or antler spindles in the near future.

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