Introducing: The Gooney

When our previous neighbor brought Ed a large branch from a Salmonberry bush that she’d found when walking on her property in the Coast Range he didn’t want to waste any more of it than possible. Logically the smaller diameter of the branch meant it should be made into a Finch but he wanted longer arms to really show the wood.

As Ed developed the new spindle and tested the spin, the long, slender arms, size, and the way it floated in the air made him think of the Albatross and its nickname that he loves: Gooney.

Currently the Salmonberry Gooney is tackling a Chain-Ply on the Fly project.

It’s larger than an Aegean, more like the size of a Dragonfly or Roadrunner but the arms are straight. The long slender arms seem to float on the air like a propeller. Due to the thinner arms the weight wood for wood is less than a Dragonfly. Weights have ranged from 16 grams up to the low 30 grams with most between 20 – 23 grams.

Pictured with a Dragonfly and Roadrunner:

Here it compares with an Aegean and an Egret:

We’re thrilled with the versatility of the Gooney which is able to spin a laceweight single and ply a DK or light worsted. It’s been terrific for spinning the Ply-on-the-Fly aka Chain-plying as the singles are spun. (Spin a long length of singles then chain ply.)