A Glimpse in Ed’s Shop

On the spur of the moment Ed decided to take a video inside his shop and show some of his wood stash including the apricot we picked up from a friend on Monday.

Their one apricot tree was severely damaged during the epic Feb 12, 2021 ice storm. They were hoping it could be saved and cut off only the big broken branches, the wood which Ed has used to make a couple dozen spindles in the past few months.

A couple weeks ago they accepted the fact that the entire tree was dead so over the weekend it was cut down.

Ed’s shop video


  1. Ed ! The wood wizard! You are amazing!
    Thanks for sharing a peek into your wood stash and studio. The Apricot is marvelous x looking forward to what your magic (and talents) turn it into x
    Lead wood, Carob, Plum, Norwegian Birch, … beautiful.

    Best from the Payette River Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway

    1. Thanks for watching, and commenting!

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