Dragonfly, A New Spindle

Ed’s been at it again! He never stops thinking of new designs. This is what he wrote about his newest creation:
“A few years back I procured a nice piece of Pacific Yew wood, small but nice with a natural bend in it.

I have looked at it many times waiting to see what was inside. Finally, in May, I went for it and cut the wood into two halves. The wood was very nice! Wanting to make the best use of it, I drew a few spindle shapes and soon realized that I did not want to make small spindles, opting to keep the size and the natural curve in the wood. As the spindle took final shape under my hands I knew it was a Dragonfly. I’d been wanting to make a spindle named Dragonfly for several years.

I’d been thinking about putting the Swan into semi-retirement. This new shape and size felt like a good alternative. I am very pleased with this new spindle and that it will be taking the place of future Swans.

I’m very happy with the Dragonfly and I hope you will be too!”
Ed Jenkins
June 1, 2021

Weight range is upper teens – 33 grams, averaging mid-20’s.
Dragonfly and Swan

Dragonfly 1 & 2 (these won’t be for sale)

Dragonfly and Roadrunner

Dragonfly and Phoenix

Bee Hummingbird, Aegean, and Dragonfly (paperclip for size)

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  1. I have been putting off getting another Jenkins spindle since I am so happy with what I have now. However!!!…that Dragonfly model is calling my name. I will be watching. It is lovely, so very lovely!

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