Cat Hair!

Our young Siamese cat is shedding abundantly. What’s a person to do?
Brush the cat daily and spin the hair!

The cat brush is perfect for collecting his hair then making a little rolag.

One of my smallest spindles works well for the high twist needed on the short fibers.

A fast spinning spindle is key!

It’ll be a long, slow project to spin enough cat hair into enough yarn to make something worthwhile.

Mac is intrigued by the fiber and the spindle. A spinning spindle triggers his keen hunting instincts. All fiber and spindles are kept out of reach of his claws and teeth!

Ten Aegeans are scheduled to appear in the webstore at 12:30 pm Pacific Standard Time tomorrow, February 1st.


  1. Oh great – just what I need: yet another individual on the hunt for Jenkins spindles. As if there weren’t enough competition! 😉

    1. Hahaha. Good one, Mike!

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