Spindles November 2

Phoenixes, Egrets and Finches will be posted on Saturday, Nov 2nd
In order to try to avoid log-jams or buffering problems the different styles will be posted 15 minutes apart.

Refresh your browser occasionally so you’re seeing the most recent posting. Sometimes the spindles don’t load when they’re programmed to appear.
Please be patient and refrain from clicking constantly – when too many people are all clicking and reloading at the same time it only makes everything slow down even more.

8 – Phoenixes at 1 pm Pacific Daylight Time.
8 – Egrets, 1:15 pm PDT
7 – Finches, 1:30 pm PDT

Please limit yourself to 1 spindle during a day’s update to give as many as possible the chance to get a spindle.

Be mindful of the many who are trying for their very first Jenkins spindle and let them have this opportunity to buy one.

Thank you!!!


  1. Do you keep track of how long it takes for each tranche of spindles to sell? I bet it’s less than a minute. Now that’s a business success!


    1. I don’t entirely keep track since spindles can be On Hold for awhile in various carts while the buyer is filling out info.
      It can be a wild, nail-biting ride!


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