Spindles November 2

Phoenixes, Egrets and Finches will be posted on Saturday, Nov 2nd
In order to try to avoid log-jams or buffering problems the different styles will be posted 15 minutes apart.

Please be patient and refrain from clicking constantly – when too many people are all clicking and reloading at the same time everything can slow down to a crawl.


8 – Phoenixes at 1 pm Pacific Daylight Time.
8 – Egrets, 1:15 pm PDT
7 – Finches, 1:30 pm PDT

Please limit yourself to 1 spindle during a day’s update to give as many as possible the chance to get a spindle.

Be mindful of the many who are trying for their very first Jenkins spindle and let them have this opportunity to buy one.

Thank you!!!

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  1. Do you keep track of how long it takes for each tranche of spindles to sell? I bet it’s less than a minute. Now that’s a business success!

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