I completely spaced on the fact that I’d written in the last blog post that Phoenixes and Egrets would be posted in the Store today, Oct 28.

My sincere apology to all of you who had been diligently checking the store this afternoon. I am so sorry for wasting your time. 🙁

Last week went sort of side-ways when I took a day off mid-week to take a friend, a recent transplant to this area, hiking at the beautiful Silver Falls State Park.

Taking a full day off like that happens very rarely but it put me behind with office work and taking spindle pictures. Without remembering that I’d posted today’s date and a specific time for spindles I decided to post them this coming Saturday.


  1. We all need days off now and then – I hope you and your friend enjoyed the hike! (Did you spin-while-hiking, or is that too much of a busman’s holiday?)

    1. Why yes, I did spin some of the cotton I’ve been working on while on the trail, although only part of the way.
      Pictures in the next post to come.

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