Update and OFFF review

Aegeans will be posted at 2pm today Pacific Daylight Time. Now that the dust is finally settling after the busyness of the past month Spindles will be posted weekly. Next Monday Wrens will be posted in the Store, Phoenixes and Egrets will post on the 28th.

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival is quickly receding in the rear view mirror.
The Captivating Cotton workshop let me know there are many who are interested in spinning cotton with a suspended spindle. A future post will have some cotton spinning tips and techniques. I also hope to teach a cotton workshop at BSG next year.

We had a wonderful, exhausting time thanks to everyone who came! This is always a fun event with a wonderful ambience, even when raining. We were astonished to be assigned a spot right inside one of the main doors.

We were delighted to see Anne and Sue..

Sue took top place in the Spindle division of “The Longest Thread Competition” held bi-annually in Tasmania, using a Bee Hummingbirds to spin the 10 grams required and a Kuchulu for plying the singles.

Having come to Black Sheep Gathering a number of years Susan has recently moved to this area and was finally able to attend OFFF for her first time. Susan is quickly getting involved with the various local spinning and fiber groups.

Loyce brought one of Ed’s early unmarked Swans which she’d purchased around 2007 along with a more recent Redheart Swan.

Colorful yarn makes fetching headpieces and scarves sported by Javiera and Olea.

Late Saturday afternoon an unexpected, loud and rolling clap of thunder caused lots of us to jump. The thunder was quickly followed by a cloudburst.
Glancing out the door to watch the large drops following the sound of laughter caught my attention.

Dancing in the rain!

Their joy embodied the spirit of OFFF.


  1. OFFF looks and sounds wonderful! One of these years I’ll have to make the trip from the east coast to experience it in person. And thank you for posting such gorgeous photos of the spindles. They are just beautiful, and I love Ed’s artwork! It’s heartening to see the phrases “non-commercial” and “locally harvested” in the spindle descriptions – y’all are good influences.

    1. Yes, please come to OFFF, it’d be grand to meet you!

  2. I really missed seeing (and buying!) Jenkins spindles at Rhinebeck last week. Hopefully I’ll be able to snag a Wren and a Phoenix in the online updates.

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