Phoenix Rising

Stealthily the Phoenix rose up, ready to ply large amounts of singles. Unannounced, without fanfare the Phoenix appeared on the horizon in mid-May for those who want to ply with a spindle.

It happened one day in May when a visiting friend commented that she’d love to have a spindle with arms an inch or so longer than her Egret. She really wanted to be able to ply more than 4 ounces (112 grams) of spun fiber onto one spindle, ideally up to 8 ounces. She has no desire to buy a spinning wheel but loved the thought of plying a generous, continuous skein of yarn on one spindle.

Ed heard her comment and was immediately inspired to see what he could come up with. She and I were having a cup of tea after a walk around town when Ed walked in and handed her a larger-than-an-Egret spindle and asked her to try it out.

The results of our friend’s plying on her Phoenix: all eight ounces!

Taking flight, the Phoenix rose from the dreams for a bigger plying spindle.

Her second turtle of plyed yarn. Almost as big as a sea turtle!

How does it compare with an Egret or Swan?

Wood for wood, the Phoenix is not all that much heavier. So far Phoenix spindles have ranged between the mid-thirty grams into the low 50’s. Only two have been in the thirties, the average is in the mid-40 grams.

The Phoenix will not be for everyone but they fill a niche for those who love spindle plying, and spinning thicker, novelty yarns with a spindle.


  1. In for penny, in for a pound – I look forward to plying on a Phoenix!

  2. So much love!!

  3. This spindle looks am as amazing. The creativity at Yarn Tools never end. Congrats to an amazing tool!
    Bravo Ed.

  4. Will there Phoenix’s at OFF?

  5. Learning to Ply with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    Learning to Fly 🕷 Fig Phoenix P22 An absolute JOY 🕷

    Thank you Ed x Thank you Wanda x

  6. Today more learning to ply on the Phoenix ~
    Vivaldi Four Seasons ~ Spinning mindfulness
    Sandhill Crane migratory flight south ~
    Phoenix rising ~ marvelous … thank you 🕷

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