BSG and Wrens

We had a blast at Black Sheep Gathering thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth.
Table with Aegeans, Delights, Egrets and Swans

Bee, Finches, Kuchulus and Wrens

We learned long ago that it’s best not to clutter the tables with too many spindles to prevent the deer in the headlights syndrome. New spindles are continually put out as others are purchased.

A customer showed us her beloved Aegeans, one of Ed’s early Aegeans from 2010 when he added chip-carving for a short period.

It was great to see friends from all over!
These fun women are part of the lively Aurora Colony Handspinners Guild – a very active guild which I’m grateful to be a member.

One woman was so inspired by a Kuchulu she’d bought from Ed at a previous show that she carved one, by hand.

Isn’t it impressive?

For the most part neither of us thought to take pictures, not even one of my wonderful group of students in the Techniques with a Turkish workshop.

It’s been good to have a more relaxed week to rest, inventory spindles and ease back into a work rhythm. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with our Ravelry Forum and the Tour de Fleece taking place. What a terrific interactive group of spindlers participating in the TdF I Spy Rambouillet challeng! It’s not too late to join the fun.
Today Ed cleaned his shop in anticipation of getting back to work making spindles next week. Already he’s turning his attention to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival the end of September.

Fifteen Wrens will be posted in the Store between 10:45 – 10:48, Pacific Daylight Time, Monday morning July 15th. If you have a Wren consider letting others have a chance to buy one. We will enforce a limit of one purchase/day/person on Monday.

We hope you are having a good summer and enjoying getting outside with your spindle(s)!