Slowly, stealthily a new bird took flight early this year, silently soaring one by one without fanfare.

Finally introducing: The Wren

Ed couldn’t help himself. With his creative skills demanding something new he developed a new style of spindle in January.
Originally we’d planned to make a big announcement after Ed had made enough for a good showing but first Ed wanted them to make their debut at the Newport Spin-In on the Oregon Coast.

A few were placed in the webstore from time to time but with the need to take as many spindles as possible to the PLY Away Retreat in Kansas City, MO the big announcement was delayed until now.  (A future post will be written about this well-run retreat.)

At almost five months old, finally, here they are!

Since discontinuing the Larks over a year ago Ed has thought about making a style that was slightly smaller than an Aegean with similar lines to the Lark but without quite the curved arms that the Larks had. While we loved the elegant form of the Lark, the curve could sometimes make it hard to remove the arms from a tightly packed-on turtle.

The Wrens are superb flyers! They’re big enough to hold their own with up to DK yarns but small and light enough to spin quickly.

Here are a couple of pictures showing them with some of Ed’s other original styles.

Wrens on display at PLYAway 4
A flock of Wrens will be rising in the Store at 9:30am PDT tomorrow, April 30th.
Be polite and place only one in your cart to buy. The limit of 1 per buyer will be firmly enforced!
If you can’t get one tomorrow please be assured, Ed loves making them.


  1. I may wait until BSG and/or OFFF to find the Wren that sings to me. I want something with really striking grain, as most of mine are more subtle.

  2. Up until now, my favorite Jenkins Turkish spindle was the Aegean. Since the release of these new beauties, that has changed. The Wren has become my favorite as it spins like an Aegean, only faster! I love ALL the sizes!

  3. So excited to try this little bird! These spindles are my favorites.

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