PLY Away Retreat

Jenkins Spindles will be at the PLY Away Retreat in Kansas City, Mo. April 11 – 13th.
If you’re in that area of the Midwest this is your opportunity to see spindles in person.

Things have been in a flurry of activity for the past month as we’ve prepared for this long-distance show. This is a huge venture for us as we prefer to stay close to home in Oregon.

Time is the main factor (plus, we’re die-hard home-bodies) but we also appreciate the fact that Oregon doesn’t charge sales taxes. On anything. At all. Yep, we’re spoiled. We’re also spoiled by having our gas pumped, always. It’s a law in Oregon – except for areas of sparsely populated Eastern Oregon. The main reason for requiring gas station attendants? Economy. It’s a great job for those starting out in the work force, people who need only a part-time job, people who don’t like to be cooped up in a building, etc. We never have to get out of the vehicle. Yep, we’re spoiled Oregonians.

The PLY Away Retreat was too enticing to pass up so next week we’ll be in KC with our spindles. It’ll be wonderful to see people from that area of the country! We’re extremely excited. Ed’s been to KC a few times for family reunions but this will be my first visit.

There will be no store updates until after the dust settles, we’ve caught our breath, and I’ve been able to inventory spindles and get pictures. I’ll aim for the first week in May.

The Store has been working great! There have been two -to- four spindle updates per month since January. There have been a number of tweaks made in the coding, especially during January & February. No major issues cropped up during the March spindle sales. Hooray!

I will try not to let another ??? months slip by before the next post! It was quite shocking to see how long it’d been.

Meanwhile, Ed came up with a brand new design: The Wren,
pictured her in our youngest granddaughter’s hand. The next post will have the inside story on the Wrens.

Walking and spinning are an almost daily activity – except for when it rains.
The view from the bridge only 3 blocks from our house. (Spinning with a Lark.)


  1. I hope you enjoyed your trip to the Midwest! Can’t wait to hear the Wren’s origin story! …and then see if I can get one from your store.

    1. Enjoyable and exhausting. Working on putting together the Wren story which I plan to post on the website by the weekend.

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