The website Store had a great run throughout October. No updates were announced since there were still some –mostly minor — problems happening.

Then, much to our dismay, several people purchased spindles during the most recent update, on the 5th. They saw screen messages saying “oops” or “order not found” when in fact the purchase was indeed completed. Other buyers had no problem with completing their purchase. As soon as I realized that the cart was giving misinformation I pulled the remaining spindles and forwarded the customers’ screen shots and pertinent information from their emails of the problems they experienced.

Jesse’s been communicating the developers of the Cart plugin trying to determine exactly why it’s not stable. Meanwhile he’s spent the week troubleshooting and writing still more code. We can’t risk having an unstable cart so I’ll hold off adding more spindles to the Store.

A few things to know about when spindles are available in the Store:
1) Spindle pictures are visible when they’re available.
In order to avoid overselling a spindle the listing is automatically removed from view as soon as it’s sold.
2) You can buy as a Guest. If you want to register check the little box at the end of the Guest checkout form before clicking the Next Step button. The Cart is coded to hold your spindle secure until you finish checking out so there’s no need to rush. If your purchase is interrupted before you finish completing the payment and too much time elapses (1/2 hour or so) the spindle will automatically be removed from your Cart and placed back in the Store.
3) Your registration from the old YarnTools site are no longer valid here. Please don’t login with your previous user name and password, it will be automatically blocked by the system.

The holidays coming quickly, we’d love to have a solid cart up and running again soon. If not I’ll get creative on making them available.

Meanwhile, grab some of your spindle-spun yarn and join the YarnTools Raverly forum for the Novemeber/December Chatter and Challenge! This month is all about making something with your spindle yarn. Join in the fun of the chatter, pictures and cheering each other.