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The new website is up and running! Be sure to refresh your browser so you have the most recent version. Spindles will be added to the site every week, in no certain order. Updates won’t be announced on Social media until we know with absolute certain that no spindle will be oversold.

Some things will look the same but much has changed. Your old account didn’t make it through the importing from the old site. You can purchase a spindle as a guest, or, at the bottom of the guest form there’s a little box to check for saving your info and register. Check that box before clicking the Next Step button.

Thanks for all the support, encouragement and cheers during the very long haul!

Last week we visited family in Idaho. During a visit to the Farmers’ Market Ed spied antlers. After carefully examining all of them he chose one which was thick and solid without large hollow middle. He also bought a solid moose antler!

No, they’re not for our granddaughter’s workout.

It might be awhile before Ed knows that he’s having a day when he can work successfully with antler. Since antler spindles are rare and very hard to come by we’ll most likely have drawings for them when there are some available. Since January 2010 years Ed has successfully made a total of only 15 antler spindles. We’re hoping those numbers will start to increase!


  1. Beautifully made and functional in nature!
    Thank you Ed and Wanda.
    Prayers for strength and perseverance.
    Looking forward to what Ed finds in those antlers.
    We are fortunate you both share your talents x

    Luddites Unite

    1. Thank you Georgianna! Prayers for strength and perseverance appreciated! Today the Cart has been doing very strange things which means more behind the scenes troubleshooting.
      I thought about letting you know we’d be in Boise but needed to devote our time to family.
      Ed would be a complete Luddite if it were possible!

  2. This is great news – your website finally running !

    And I’m curious when Ed will come up with some even more interesting or rare material to make his gorgeous spindles of!

    Main thing is, the two of you enjoy what you are doing, and you are blessing many people at the same time 🙂

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