What’s Happening

First, our website guru has decided to take things to a more manageable level by developing a hosting platform.

This is exciting news for us as it means I’ll have direct interaction and input concerning our website. He lives within 5 miles from us and is great at communicating and keeping me posted on what he’s been able to work on so far.

The downside is that it’s taking far longer than either of us had anticipated. There was so much work to be done (re-coding) of the platform that it was pointless for him to put in the time necessary when the next round of updates could render all his work useless.

People wonder what’s the big deal. It takes only 2 people to click on one spindle at the exact time time and continuing in sync through the payment process thus both people bought the same spindle at the same time. It didn’t happen often but enough to create headaches on this end, particularly when the spindle was very unusual. Through the years I tried various carts but none of them could handle simultaneous clicks/purchases, even Etsy has occasionally double sold a spindle.

The new system Jesse is working on won’t require the buyer to transfer from our website to PayPal as it does now. We’ll be using a new payment processor, Stripe. Stripe is very solid as a payment gateway / e-commerce provider. It has high ratings and reviews world-wide. Stripe is in over 100 countries and has offices in 9 international countries so it should serve us well.

How much longer before the selling of spindles on the website happens? We’re still in the infant stages but lots has been done these past two weeks. We’re hoping to be in working order by Labor Day.

Your ongoing patience is greatly appreciated!!!


  1. I have always had a very positive customer experience on your website, so I know that the waiting is worth it. Your dedication to customer service is greatly appreciated, as are the wonderful spindles.

    1. Thank you for this encouraging word!

  2. I have two questions please!

    should we create stripe accounts in preparation for the shop?

    and is Ed really not making larks anymore?

    1. Great questions! My understanding is that you won’t need a Stripe account, you’ll be able to use CC through the site.
      Yes, Ed stopped making Larks in March, as noted on the Lark page. (drop-down menu under Spindles tab)

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