Black Sheep Gathering!

If you’re in the general area of Vancouver, WA/Portland, Eugene or Bend and you haven’t gotten to Black Sheep Gathering yet, today’s the day!

It’s at the Linn County Expo Center, inside the Willamette Event Center with 130 Vendors selling everything fiber related! Plus lots and lots of fiber animals in the barns to see and pet.

There are plenty of spindles to choose from, including Bee Hummingbirds. Sunday is usually a calmer, more relaxed day. The drive to Albany is pleasant, from all directions, the fairgrounds/expo center is just a couple blocks off I-5, the weather is perfect, the people are friendly.

In other news: Yarn Tools Shopping Cart isn’t working. The program we use put out a new version which made the older one obsolete. Unfortunately the new version does not recognize the coding written specifically for YarnTools. It will take some time to figure out a work around or a brand new program. We want to get it up and running as soon as possible after the dust from Black Sheep Gathering settles.


  1. Ugh; what a hassle for you. Hope you can get your shopping cart up and running again soon.

  2. I have bought a few spindles from you and love them.
    I have always loved the horn spindles you make but can never get to them. Is there anyway you take special orders. I would sure love one.

    1. Sorry, Ed doesn’t take requests for the Horn spindles. Between the difficulty we’ve had source horns that will work for spindles and the fact that horn is so different from wood Ed hasn’t been able to simply make them whenever he wants; he has to be in the “zone” to successfully make one.

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