5 Bee Drawing Results

Thanks to everyone who entered the drawings for the chance to buy a Bee Hummingbird! Drawings are held for these tiny spindles to give everyone a fair chance to be able to buy one.  Don’t give up if your number wasn’t drawn – we’re aiming to have more Bees made for early April.

And now the winning numbers for each Bee as drawn with an Online Number Generator:
B54 Bolivian Rosewood: 8



B55 Macassar Ebony: 4

B56 Lilac:   22


B57 Lilac:   25

B58 Marblewood:  8


  1. Oh darn! My number was 35 but the winning number was 25! A huge CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!! I must admit that I have a little bit of “Bee Envy”, lol! 🙂 Excited to see some spinning with these new cuties! Kat

  2. Sigh….

    “Someday my Bee will come”

    Thinking along the lines of that infamous tune from Rodgers and Hammerstein…lol

    One day… thank you Ed and Wanda for all you do.

    1. Ditto!!!

  3. Congratulations to the winners! Thank you Wanda & Ed for offering them.

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