Five Bee Hummingbirds

Drawings for the Right to Buy one of the five Bee spindles pictured below. These Bees all come with an additional earring post – just for the fun of it.  (For more info about Bee spindles please click here.
Each Bee spindle in this drawing is $65 + Postage & Handling
Carefully read all the entry instructions: 
Entries not following instructions will be tossed.
Limit: One entry per person.

Each Bee Hummingbird spindle pictured below will have its own separate drawing. Once entry is submitted no changes will be accepted.

Email entry to:       create @ yarntools . com (remove spaces)

Subject Heading: The number of the spindle you’d like to buy.

Include in the body of your email:
Your Name  (and Ravelry name, if you use one)
Postal Zip Code
Phone number
PayPal email – if different from your regular email.
(Please indicate if you prefer to pay with check or M.O.)
The spindle # you’re entering for the chance to buy.

Drawing Numbers will be assigned as entries are received. A confirmation reply with your individual number will be sent within 24 hours.

Each spindle is assigned its own set of number.
Example4 is drawn for B54 (using online Random Number Generator) the person assigned 4 for B54 will be able to buy Spindle B54.

Drawing will close Saturday March 17th at 1:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time.
Numbers will be put into the Online Random Number Generator, the drawn numbers posted in a new blog post by 2 pm.
PayPal invoices will be sent Monday, March 19th to the people whose numbers were drawn.

B54 Bolivian Rosewood Bee, 4.31 grams

B55 Macassar Ebony Bee, 4.35 grams

B56 Lilac Bee, 4.22 grams  (includes an earring post)

B57 Lilac Bee, 4.4 grams  (includes an earring post)

B58 Marblewood Bee, 4 grams (includes an earring post)


  1. I have taken my bee on numerous outings. People are fascinated when I pull the little box out and the show them the spindle. I do have quite a collection including the ones Ed made for me when he was making them smaller.

    1. Tiny, portable, attention seeking Bees. 🙂

  2. Oh my, the earring post illustrates just how tiny these are! Love the second Lilac one, but I don’t wear jewelry. 😉

    1. No need to wear it as an earring. It’s just a bonus feature. Ed’s been attempting to make earring posts for these from the beginning. They’ve been a dream of his for about 7 years but first he had to get the spindle small enough to work. There are two regular shafts for spinning. 🙂

  3. A Bee with an earring post! How cool and fun is that?! Best of luck to all those trying for a Bee. I love mine and everyone I’ve shown it to is amazed. Happy Spinning!

  4. I love the earring posts! Now I need to somehow choose which one. They’re all so beautiful.

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