Two Upcoming Shows and a Poll

We plan to be at two fiber festivals in Oregon this year:

June 29 – July 1   Black Sheep Gathering, (BSG) at the Linn County Fairground in Albany, OR

Sept 22 – 23   Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival (OFFF) at the Clackamas County Fairground in Canby, OR

Wanda will be teaching a workshop at BSG which she’s very excited about on her method of “Stranded Silk Spinning”. Details to come once published by BSG.

She’s not yet decided which to offer at OFFF: Stranded Spinning or another workshop on spinning with bast fibers.

Here’s where you come in!

Which workshop would you love to take if you had the opportunity? Please leave a comment letting us know which you’d like to take:

1) Stranded Silk Spinning, including Chain-Ply on the Fly

2) Bast Fibers
a) Cotton
b) Flax
c) Hemp
d) All Three of these plant fibers

(Sorry to make you leave comments. I have been going in circles trying to get a Survey Monkey poll published here…)


  1. 2) Bast Fibers
    All Three of these plant fibers

    1. Thanks Leigh! Do you have a preference of the type or all three?

  2. Both are wonderful ideas but if I had to choose 1 it would be #1. Now to figure out how to fly out there! 🙂

    1. It’d be wonderful to meet you!

      1. Saving my pennies as I write this!

  3. Hi Wanda, What a question! First, I have to say, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to get to either BSG or OFFF. That said, I’d love to take the Bast Fibers workshop and I’m interested in all 3 types of plant fibers. Right up my alley at this point, actually : ) Hope that’s helpful!

    1. Hi Kitty! Yes, very helpful, thanks! I hope you’ll be able to make it to one of the festivals but understand if you can’t.

  4. #1 Doubtful I can make either event, but I think chain plying on a spindle would be a skill so helpful to learn hands-on.

    1. Hi Lorraine! Thanks for your input! I love spinning ply-on-the-fly with my spindle. Everyone should have this ability. 🙂

      1. I so hope to learn the chain ply from you, Wanda, one of these days ❤ What size spindle do you generally ply on?

        1. That’d be great!
          The first rule of thumb for choosing a spindle: the thicker the yarn, bigger/heavier the spindle to handle the accumulating mass while maintaining a decent spin.
          Other factors to consider: how well the wood holds the energy of the spin, how fast of a flick you can manage easily with a heavier spindle, how many grams you’d like to spin in one turtle…
          Typically I use an Aegean to chain-ply lightweight yarns, or an Egret for DK and thicker.
          Hope to see you down the road someday. 🙂

  5. Wanda,
    Not, that I’ll get to either of these (I’m on the other coast), I’d kill to take either of these, but the Stranded Silk class would be my first choice, but I’d take the Bast Fibers class in a heartbeat too. Depending on the length of class time, I’d love to do all three of those fibers, but if I had to choose, I’d opt for flax.

    1. Thanks Michelle! Perhaps someday you’ll be able to take a trip to see Oregon and attend a fiber festivals.

  6. I took your plant fiber class at BSG last year and I loved it. I was so used to animal fibers that I was pretty clueless about plant fibers. It was so informative. I keep thinking about spinning flax, because I’d love to spin yarn for embroidery. One day I’ll attempt it.

    I think a PoF class could be useful, but it’s a technique that I learned, but tend not to use.

    I won’t be attending either class, as I’m not sure if I can commit to attending the festivals this year, unfortunately. I think I would consider what other sorts of classes might be offered and how your class can complement them. I personally feel that plant-fibers are underrepresented and I rarely see classes offered.

    1. Thanks Ashley! I’m glad you loved the plant fiber class at BSG ’17. You all were a terrific group of spinners whom I enjoyed working with very much!

  7. Stranded Silk, including ply on the fly, would be my first choice. Hemp would be my second choice. I’ve never been to either of these fiber festivals, but may have a chance to attend the one in Canby.

    1. I applied to teach a Stranded silk / ply on the fly class at OFFF this year. Haven’t heard yet whether my proposal has been accepted.
      The weather is unpredictable in late September but the show is a fun one with a great atmosphere.

  8. I would like to learn more about plant fiber. Working in CNC my work is so modern and I often miss the finer things in life

    1. Plant fiber is a fascinating study that I want to pursue and teach more. This year I decided to go with the stranded spinning/ply on the fly techniques, then next year plant fibers.

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