2nd Bee Hummingbird Drawings

Thanks to all who entered the drawings for the chance to buy a Bee Hummingbird.  Their very small size is a challenge for Ed to make as balanced, sweet spinners. He has to be in the right frame of mind and ability to make them. As a result, drawings are held for these tiny spindles to give everyone a fair chance to be able to buy one. The time should come when he’s honed his skill at making them that they’ll be more readily available.

And now the winning numbers for each Bee as drawn with an Online Number Generator:

B45 – Amboyna Burl (the 2nd most popular of this group):  # 11

B46 – Burmese Rosewood:    #9

B47 – Amboyna Burl:      #1

B48 – Ebony:     #14

B49 – Macassar Ebony:   #6

B50 – Lilac (Most popular with 27 entries):  #1

B51 – Marblewood:   #7

B52 – Manzanita:      #3

PayPal invoices will be sent to the people with the winning number for the spindle they chose. Thank you!!!

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