New Year Bee Hummingbird Drawing

Happy New Year: May 2018 be a good year for everyone!

Drawings for the Right to Buy one of the eight Bee spindles pictured below.
Each spindle in this drawing is $65 + Postage & Handling
Carefully read all the entry instructions: 
Entries not following instructions will be deleted. 
Limit: One entry per person.

Please Note: A last minute appointment has changed the drawing time to 3pm.

Each Bee Hummingbird spindle pictured below will have its own separate drawing. Once entry is submitted no changes will be accepted.

Email entry to:       create @ yarntools . com (remove spaces)

Subject Heading: The number of the spindle you’d like to buy.

Include all of the following in the body of your email:
Your Name  (and Ravelry name, if you use one)
Postal Zip Code
Country & Phone number
PayPal email – if different from your regular email. Please let me know if you’d prefer to pay with check or M.O.
The spindle # you’re entering for the chance to buy.

Drawing Numbers will be assigned as entries are received. A confirmation reply with your individual number will be sent within 24 hours.

Each spindle is assigned its own set of number.
Example4 is drawn for B52, (using online Random Number Generator) the person assigned 4 for B52 will be able to buy Spindle B52.

Drawing will close Thursday January 4th at 2:30 pm PST . Numbers will be inputted into the Online Random Number Generator with the drawn numbers posted here at 3pm. 
A newly scheduled dental appointment has changed the drawing time.


  1. B51 I would hold love spin and treasure you forever and longer .
    If you fly to me I will be overjoyed

  2. Again the Lilac captures my heart, but that Amboyna Burl is also lovely! Now I shall go look at MY spindles and be satisfied. 😉

  3. I guess better luck next time…

    But it’s always exciting to see
    what Ed and Wanda have in store for their fans …

    Happy New Year and a beautiful Epiphany to all.

  4. Hi Wanda

    Happy New Year! I can’t seem to find the numbers of the winners here. What am I missing? I am assuming you will email the winners right?



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