New Year Bees on the Way

2017 is winding down, a year that many will be happy that it’s finished.

In celebration of the quickly coming New Year Ed has made more Bee Hummingbirds. Pictures of each of the eight will be posted here late-afternoon (Pacific Time) on January 1st.

Once again the Bees will be sold via “Opportunity to Buy” Drawings. The drawings will be held the afternoon of January 4th to give people plenty of time to look them over and submit an email entry.

Detailed entry instructions will be posted along with the pictures.

Summary of how the “Opportunity to Buy” drawings work:
Each Bee Hummingbird will have a separate spreadsheet, with a unique number assigned to each person submitting an entry via email. The group of numbers assigned for each individual Bee will be entered into an Online Random Generator, each unique Bee group at a time.

The winning numbers will be posted here Jan 4th, at 3pm PST. A PayPal invoice will also be sent to each person whose name was drawn. That person will have 72 hours to pay.

Bees are $65 & $75, plus S&H.

Drawings for the opportunity to buy a spindle are held in order to be as equitable as possible to people in various time zones around the world.


Happy New Year! May we all experience a good measure of peace this year.