Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

I’m stunned to see that I haven’t posted here since before Black Sheep Gathering and here we are coming up on the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival aka OFFF.

We have just over two weeks until the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival! Not only will there be spindles but a beautiful maple walking wheel. The past couple months had lots of distractions, interruptions, obligations, and a four-day vacation, but between all these Ed’s been doing his best to make plenty of spindles for OFFF. 

Wanda is very excited about the “Chain-ply Pygora/silk to Necklace” workshop Friday afternoon the 22nd. We’ll be spinning and Ply on the Fly a pygora/merino blend along with fine silk strands then crocheting a beaded necklace. All within three hours. Yes – it can be done!

With Connie Williams assistance we’ll be able to give the participants lots of hands-on. Don’t know how to crochet? We can get you going. If you knit, you can crochet.

There’s still space in the workshop for people to sign up.