Two days to go

Two Days until we set up for Black Sheep Gathering!
We’ll be in the Convention Center in spaces G 7 & 8. 
Please stop by and say “Hi”!

Ed’s newest Walking Wheels have been put through their paces with only a final tweaks made to the Minor’s Heads.

They’re both beautiful wheels, the pictures don’t do the wood justice. The Bigleaf Maple is figured throughout, the Walnut also has good figure as well as lovely shades of color.

Walking Wheel #10 ~ Oregon Bigleaf Maple with Red Oak Rim

                                                                        Oiling the hub.

                                              Copper designs at the back of the table.

                                                              Copper detail on the hub.

Walking Wheel #11 ~ Walnut with Oak Rim
                                                              This walnut is gorgeous!

                                               More copper work at the back of the table.

                                                Close up of the copper work on the hub.

Ed’s all finished with his tasks until it’s time to load everything and pull out of here. Today he washed our camper unit and made sure the inside was ready to be occupied. Tomorrow he’ll do his regular day-long community dinner prep and serve. I have to keep focused on checking off the to-do list: groceries/food, laundry, sleeping bags aired, final review of teaching materials, pulling weeds, and cleaning house for the sitter who’ll be staying here to tend the cat and what garden there is. An unseasonable cool spell last week was perfect for baking molasses cookies and seed & nut bread for the show.
(Don’t forget to pull them out of the freezer!)

Several people have asked about horn spindles at Black Sheep:

Ed has desired to make more horn spindles but they keep eluding his hands. Numerous attempts to create a spindle from horn this year have been unsuccessful.

Horn is so different from wood that it needs a different touch and technique. It takes entering a certain zone when Ed’s hands and head are able to work with horns.

When he’s not in that zone, trying to make one becomes a waste of time, energy and material.

Most good things in life can’t be forced.


  1. Thanks so much, Wanda for the update! Most wonderful wishes for a fabulous Black Sheep Gathering! Alas, we can’t get there this year. We’ll be there with you in spirit : ) Kitty & Michael

  2. BOTH walking wheels are GORGEOUS! I will miss seeing you, but know you’ll be swamped. I hope we can meet up some other time this summer.

  3. I wish you to a wonderful exciting BSG!!!! Those Walking wheels are outstanding and that Walnut is gorgeous!!!!!!! Who ever those wheels pick as their new owners will be very lucky indeed!

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