Countdown to Black Sheep Gathering

One week from today we’ll have just finished up day number one of Black Sheep Gathering.

Yesterday Ed made his last batch of spindles, Swans, to add to the inventory. They were weighed, written on and coated with the first layer of finish today. Tomorrow afternoon Wanda will apply the second coat then let them dry until Monday.

In the past two months Ed also managed to make two walking wheels to take to Black Sheep. He brought them into the house Monday. Basic canvas tote bags were made for them this week. All the various bits and pieces of getting ready for a huge show are starting to come together. Inventory finished, DVDs burned and placed into the booklets, business cards printed and packed, the house sitter has stopped by for instructions and a key. Booth supplies have yet to be looked over to make sure everything is in order. ย  Our goal is to be completely ready by Tuesday in order to have a day of relaxation and food prep before heading to Eugene on Thursday.

If you’re planning to come to Black Sheep Gathering pop on over to the Jenkins Yarn Tools forum on Ravelry to post a selfie on the BSG thread so we can all be on the look out for each other. ย Ed is much better at remembering faces than names. Wanda is sadly hopeless on both counts. ๐Ÿ™

We hope to see you at BSG!!! Once it’s over and we’re able to catch our breath we’ll start sending spindles to our retailers as soon as possible.

Another Tour de Fleece is just around the corner. Please join TeamJenkins on Ravelry for the fun challenge of spinning along during the Tour de France bicycle race starting July 1. Check out the specs on our Ravelry forum. Moderaters, Homecraft (Sharon) and EWM (Evanita) brainstormed some terrific challenge ideas, the best is that this year you can spin a project that you’ve already started. Details on Ravelry.

Here’s a preview of wooly sheep to be found at Black Sheep Gathering.
A cuddly looking, shy Babydoll Southdown sheep who lives with his buddies just a couple miles down the road from us.


  1. Have a wonderful time! I hope to make it there one day and join in all the fun!! Blessings to each of you for health, safety, fellowship, laughter, peace a successful Gathering!

  2. I’m not going to BlackSheep this year, but a friend is, and she will pick up the tint spindle for me. I will send a check with her. How much is the Kuchulu? And what woods are available in it? Thank you so much! I LOVE my Jenkins spindles!! Anne Mahoney

    1. Kuchulus are $49 each except for those made with non-commercial woods which cost $53.

      This group of Kuchulus are made from 23 different types of woods. Give your friend a list of the woods you’re thinking about but stay flexible. Often friends who are buying for someone will text pictures of several for the person to chose from. It works best when the person requesting the spindle is available to see the texts right away since it’s usually very busy and in the fairness to all we can’t allow people to hold spindles aside for very long.
      I hope this helps! Thank you, Anne.

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