A Fluttering of Finches

We hope 2017 has gotten off to a good start for everyone. The past few weeks have been a blur of activities: doctor appointments (all’s well), Ed made a kitchen cabinet for our visiting son, family visiting for Christmas,  attended two memorial services, and a surprise birthday party. The last three all took place within 10 days. We’re hoping that things settle down for awhile!

Here are the preview pictures of 12 Finches which will appear in the Store at 8 am Pacific time tomorrow (Thursday) Jan 5th.
Reminder: Ed can make only one spindle at a time and with more demand than he can keep up with there is a limit of One Spindle per buyer per update.


  1. Hi Wanda! So great to see you and Ed doing well heading into 2017 : ) Are you planning to be at BSG this year? We’re trying to figure how to get there this year. Would love to see you again! Kitty

    1. Hi Kitty! Thanks for asking about Black Sheep Gathering. Yes, at this time we’re hoping to get into both BSG and OFFF.

  2. I am in ny state. See no spindles for sale in the store and it is now about 1:30 my time. What am I doing wrong?

    1. The spindles were posted at 8am PST which was 11am EST. The East Coast is 3 hours ahead of us here in Oregon.

  3. So pretty, I can’t get over the grain in some of these woods. Any mountain mahogany spindles coming up? I had one reserved at a retail shop but it was sold out from under me!

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