Tuesday Aegeans

The best of plans was tanked again today: the camera battery died and is currently recharging. Pictures of Aegeans were taken and uploaded to the computer just before it died. The seven Aegeans will be posted in the website Store tomorrow, Nov 15th at 12:30 pm Pacific Time (3:30pm Eastern time). Limit of one will be enforced.

Right now the goal for posting pictures of Delights, Finches and Larks online is Wednesday or Thursday. The day/time will be announce by 12:30 pm tomorrow.
We feel badly that we’re not able to post the couple dozen spindles in the Store tomorrow as we’d intended and apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this delay may cause.




  1. I’d hope that people can wait a couple of days! Technical difficulties are out of your control, and the spindles are worth any wait 😉

    1. I’m feeling very sheepish about not thinking to check the battery and get it recharged over the weekend.

  2. Those are such beautiful spindles, and I love that they are all from native woods. I also love the idea of serenity spindles — there’s nothing like spinning to calm a frustrated soul. Thank you so much for the beauty you’ve brought to us.

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