Serenity Spindles

With the need for serene spinning these days we’ll be posting an assortment of spindles in the YarnTools website store on Tuesday, Nov 15th. Time to be announced once the photos are taken & edited, ideally by late Monday afternoon Pacific Time.

New spindles with their final coat of finish.
Burmese Rosewood Finches

Burmese Blackwood and Borneo Rosewood Larks. The sun pulls out the otherwise subtle grain and coloring of Burmese Blackwood.sunlit-larks
Meanwhile, please enjoy this peaceful autumn picture of our local falls. 


  1. Hi Wanda! I hope that you’re able to get outside and enjoy some of that spinning under a serene sun! Thinking gentle breezes and warming rays of the sun to find you always! (((Hugs))) Kat

    1. Thanks Kat! Ed and I have been enjoying daily walks, short bike rides during the weather we’ve had for November.
      Today the typical blustery winds and rains are intermittent.

  2. Wow are these ever needed – Thank you for sharing your talents and hope with us all

    1. Hang on to hope! 🙂

  3. “with the need for serene spinning these days….” Now there’s an understatement! Here’s hoping that diligent, mindful spinning will help getting through these odd times.

    1. Amen! These are certainly odd times that seem to grow stranger with each passing day.

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