November 2016

Finches will show up first in the Store at 12 noon, Pacific Time, Saturday, Nov 19th. Please scroll down to view the Larks which will be in the Store at 12:20 pm (…Read More)

Here are the nine Delights ($52 +S&H) which will appear in the Store at 10 am Wednesday Morning. Delights are terrific spindles for beginners as well as travelers!

The best of plans was tanked again today: the camera battery died and is currently recharging. Pictures of Aegeans were taken and uploaded to the computer just before it died. The (…Read More)

With the need for serene spinning these days we’ll be posting an assortment of spindles in the YarnTools website store on Tuesday, Nov 15th. Time to be announced once the photos (…Read More)

Early morning rays at a nearby field. Thanks for all the well wishes, good thoughts and prayers! Wanda is doing some ongoing testing. Ed is recovering from another bout of a sore (…Read More)