Spindles at Rhinebeck

Janet Lynn, our long vendor will once again have over 100 Jenkins Spindles at Rhinebeck this coming weekend at

The Wheel Thing: Booth 7, 8, Bldg 29

If you’re planning to go to Rhinebeck, aka New York Sheep and Wool, don’t wait until Sunday if you’re going and would like to buy one, we hear that they tend to sell out before mid-afternoon on Saturday!

It’s rather stunning to see that the blog hasn’t been updated since the horn drawing a month ago. I haven’t even uploaded any pictures from my camera to the computer since Sept 12th! (It’s dismaying to realize I’m so far behind.)

Oregon Flock and Fiber is already two weeks past. Ed’s dad has nicely settled into his new home only 20 miles from us – from previously over 150 miles south. We helped him move up here the week of OFFF – making it an extremely exhausting week all around. Inventorying and packing up spindles to send to Janet for Rhinebeck, was the top priority for me immediately after OFFF while Ed helped his dad with some tasks at his dad’s place. He painted all the areas where the previous owner had decided not to move any of the furniture, or pictures when he’d painted the place before putting it on the market. At least the guy was kind enough to leave all the paint that was left.

The next two days are supposed to be sunny followed by a week of rain. We’d like to get as much yard work done as possible and the garden area put to bed for winter. Spindle production will pick up again with the return of the autumn rains.dsc04171


  1. Thanks for your help at OFFF showing me how to use my new spindles. I love the little Desert Ironwood Finch and have already plied a little cop. I’m really enjoying it.

    Good heavens on that painting. That’s a new low I’d not heard of. Hope all is well with Ed’s Dad.

  2. Been enjoying my Jenkins spindles so much… looking forward to seeing what autumn brings! Hope you get in some good R&R after what sounds like a very busy time.

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