Drawing Results

Numbers as drawn by an Online Random Number Generator

Thank you to the 112 people who entered! Ed plans to keep making them when he’s able. People who already have a horn spindle will not be eligible to try for another one.
H39 with 21 entries, and H44 with 24 entries were the most popular.

Congratulations to everyone whose number was drawn! The PayPal invoices, or email notices will be sent out soon.

Horn Spindle H36    #8

Horn Spindle H37    #6

Horn Spindle H38    #2

Horn Spindle H39    #15

Horn Spindle H40    #5

Horn Spindle H41    #5

Horn Spindle H42    #11

Horn Spindle H43    #9

Horn Spindle H44    #20



  1. Darn, not a winner this time. I guess that’s what happens when I choose one of the more popular horns as my entry (H39). Congratulations to the nine (!) new horn spindle owners. I will be trying again with all of the non winners next time. 🙂

    Thanks again for organizing the lottery, Wanda and Ed <3

    1. Thanks for your great attitude!
      A new drawing will be held as soon as Ed has made more horn spindles.

  2. It was great seeing you at OFFF! I’ve already spun up and plied a sample on the Ironwood Finch I bought and started a cop on the Mt. Mohogany Aegean. They are beautiful and spin like a dream.

    And maybe I’ll win a horn one next time. 🙂

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